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   How it Works: Finding Your Future Home Buyer & Seller Prospects
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  The SurveyAmerica database is created from over 50 million direct-to-consumer surveys mailed annually. Consumers are asked over 100 questions, including whether they own or rent, if they plan to move, and if they plan to buy a home. Only consumers who meet all of our strict criteria are included in our database. For the Future Home Buyer database, they must plan to buy a home within 1 to 12 months. For the Future Home Seller database, they must own a home and must plan to move in the next 1 to 12 months. Plus, we turbo-charge your data with sophisticated "life event" data proven to predict future home buyers and sellers. At the beginning of each month, survey responses from the previous month are added to each database. Using the consumer's property address, these new records are cross-referenced against the ZIP Codes you have reserved. All matching records are then used to create your Future Home Buyer Report or Future Home Seller Report, which is immediately e-mailed to you for your exclusive use.

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