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   Better Than Farming

Until now "farming" has been the only way to actively seek out prospective buyers and sellers. But it has never been efficient.

Let's say you farm a typical area with 1,000 homes and/or apartment units. And you mail a monthly piece in an attempt to find who may be interested in buying or selling. You're lucky to get a couple of responses.

And if you're spending 35¢ per piece, including printing and postage, that adds up to $350 a month! In other words, you're paying over $100 a lead - if you get any leads at all!

The Future Home Buyer and Seller Reports do what you could never afford to do. They "pre-farm" the entire country house-by-house, apartment-by-apartment, including those homes and apartments in your area. And it can give you an unlimited number of confirmed leads for any and all ZIP Codes in your area. And the best part is, the names in your report are yours exclusively, no other real estate agent will ever have access to them.

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